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Do You Need a Blog or a Website?

Websites are used for permanent advertising of products and services.

Blogs are used to syndicate press releases and posting dated news articles.

Both are important when used properly. Dated news articles on blogs will initially perform very well in search engines like Google with artificially inflated ratings based on the date of the post - but their popularity will die off as time passes. Information on permanent web pages will start to rank slowly, and then snowball over time to drive massive amounts of traffic to your websites.

If you are the owner of the company, then you should hire a professional marketing guy like myself with 20 years of high-end marketing experience, and I can upgrade all of your marketing materials including business cards, eCommerce websites, blog, social networks, flyers, banners, etc. But if this is just a hobby, then maybe just a blog will suffice for the cost of your own efforts in managing it.

Instead of being loaded with irrelevant application code, SEO websites are loaded with keywords to attract hundreds of new visitors. SEO websites are completely customizable, so you can do anything you want - including things that cannot be done with blogs. If you cannot afford a website yet, perhaps we can take it step-by-step.


€100 WordPress Blogs

WordPress blogs are basically free and very simple to setup - so beware of amateurs trying to sell blogs as commercial websites (blogs will say in the head code: generated by WordPress). The only cost is a couple hours to setup a subdomain, install the WordPress application, installing & activating themes and plug-ins, and finally customizing the blog template for your business. I usually create a custom logo and header with Photoshop for the top of the blog, and sometimes ad images that link to your website for the sidebars.

Blog Designing & Blog Writing services are also available.


€500 WordPress Blog Upgrades

This is a very special deal that you will not find anywhere else. I take the data from your blog and use it to create a €500 Custom SEO Website that will attract much more traffic than your blog does, and you can still use the blog to drive traffic to your website by posting news updates as blogs are intended to be used. €50/hour for further updates. This package also includes company pages on every major social network, so you have everything that you need to advertise your business online.

€500 SEO Websites are sufficient for most small businesses that provide services - but if you sell products, you will do much better with a €1000 eCommerce Website that can accept credit card orders online. It also costs about €2-€5.00 per product depending on how many options are available, plus 2.9% for PayPal to accept credit cards for you (no setup fee, no monthly fee, no additional cost for sales).


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