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Upgrade Your SEO Website!

There are many new ways that we can upgrade your website, especially if you haven't done any updates or website maintenance recently. Our hourly rate for website upgrades and creative work is €50/hour (half of the going rate). Look at some examples of newer SEO & eCommerce websites listed below:

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The following parts of your website can be upgraded:

  • Mobile Websites:
    • Stop layout from collapsing on smaller screens
    • Add new mobile meta tags
    • Add cache controls to speed up loading
    • Optimize mobile compatibility with Google
    • Create a separate "Adaptive" mobile website
    • Create a new "Responsive" website layout
    • Optimize your website to be mobile compliant
    • CSS Styles to modify text size on mobile devices
    • Upgrade your website header & footer
    • Separate your GUI buttons
    • New mobile layout created in Photoshop
    • New custom Dreamweaver HTML website template
  • Website Aesthetics:
    • Upgrade your company logo
    • Modify CSS: fonts, text styles, text sizes
    • Upgrade your website header & footer
    • Upgrade your GUI buttons
    • New custom layout created in Photoshop
    • New custom Dreamweaver HTML website template
    • Customize your blog theme
    • Create new banners that link to your website
    • Add an automatic language translator or international pages
  • Website Content:
    • Add a resource library or gallery pages to your website
    • Add new web pages (products, services, projects, library)
    • Add photos or videos, slideshows and presentations
    • Add multimedia, maps, calendars, widgets
    • Add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • Add pages and content for your employees or share holders
    • Grammar & Spell Checking
    • Create a separate website in another language
  • WordPress Blog:
    • Add a WordPress news blog to supplement your website
    • Create new blog posts, pages, categories, tags
    • Install, update & customize blog themes
    • Install, update & customize blog plug-ins
    • Create custom ad banners for your blog
    • Add image galleries, video players, and multimedia to your blog
  • Marketing:
    • Reputation management: customer reviews & testimonials
    • Dispute or resolve negative reviews
    • Optimize Call-To-Actions!
    • Optimize meta tags based upon traffic, keywords, demographics
    • Optimize conversions from Google Analytics
    • Research your market supply & demand
    • Competition Analysis Reports
    • Add more contact forms for customers to contact you
  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization:
    • Update your meta tags
    • Optimize meta tags based upon Google Analytics
    • Add new "OG" Open Graph Directory meta tags
    • Update XML sitemaps
    • Check SERPs listings & ranks in search engines
    • Keyword research
    • Validate HTML code & fix errors
  • SMM = Social Media Marketing or Social Networking
    • Google+ Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn
    • Add social icons to your website linking to your pages
    • Add social widgets to your website for connecting & sharing
    • Create business pages on every major social network
    • Create listings in local directories
    • Social network administration
    • Schedule company status updates
    • Schedule daily posts on your social networks
    • Reputation management (company reviews)
    • Share niche & industry-related news
    • Connect with your favorite companies and local suppliers
    • Network with industry leaders & participate in group discussions
    • Coaching on how you can manage your own networks!
  • SEM = Search Engine Marketing (Advertising):
    • Yahoo! Directory
    • Google AdWords
    • Ads on Amazon, eBay & Craigslist (products)
    • Listing on Angie's List (services)
    • Paid Advertising on Social Networks
    • Paid directory listings service from Yext, Yellowbook, MapQuest, etc.
  • eCommerce & Sales:
    • Create a Shopify products blog with CMS
    • Save money on merchant accounts and shopping cart software
    • Accept PayPal & credit card payments online
    • Add PayPal eCommerce shopping cart to your website
    • Add products for sale on your website
    • Add new product pages to your website
    • Google Products
    • Create an eBay Store
    • Product sales on Amazon
    • Upgrade your shopping cart
    • Upgrade your "Buy Now" & "Add to Shopping Cart" buttons


Upgrade Your Existing Website!

A basic SEO website upgrade costs about €500. I've been charging €500 for brand new SEO websites or SEO website upgrades, plus €50/hour for further upgrades and updates. Website upgrades are easier because most of the content is already created. Look at some examples of SEO websites listed below:

The €500 includes everything you need to promote your business online (20 hours of creative work at €25/hour): a custom layout created in Photoshop matching your logo, custom HTML website template, about a dozen basic web pages with multimedia, maps, calendars, contact forms, XML sitemaps manually submitted to search engines, company pages on every major social network (including Google+ Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn), and a WordPress news blog to supplement the website (beware of amateurs trying to sell WordPress blogs as commercial "websites").


Save Money On Domains & Web Hosting

Our most recent client knew that he was paying 2 different companies to host his websites. What he did not know was that he was paying €200/year to one company, plus €400/year to another. We actually found 4 live versions of his website at various stages of production, then combined them into one website and added a blog and all the new social networks. The end result was that he paid GoDaddy €80/year for 3 years hosting and 10 years on his domain name, saving €520/year (which was enough to cover the cost of the website upgrade). If you are paying more than €100/year to host your website, you can save a lot of money every year.

We can also transfer your Domain Name (€8-€10/year each), and Web Server (€8/month for one website and blog - €10/month for multiple websites) to host your website on GoDaddy with a free company eMail address plus 24/7 tech support. Ask us before you order because we have coupon codes for 20%-50% off, especially on holidays. The average cost of hosting one website (with a blog and eMail) is about €60-€75/year from GoDaddy. Register your domain name for multiple years to maximize website ranks: 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years maximum domain name registration is recommended for optimal SEO. We do not profit from this transaction, and we often refuse commissions (unlike most webmasters who host a copy of GoDaddy's website with marked-up prices).


What Do You Need to Design an SEO Website?

To design and build the best possible website for you, we need to have a good understanding of your business, existing marketing materials, and your sales goals. Tell us what you want your website to look like aesthetically and how you want it to function. Provide examples of your competition's websites, and explain what types of pages you want on your website. The primary goal of a basic website is to attract new people whom are already looking for your services, make your phone ring, or collect the contact information of people who are interested in your services.

We usually start with your company logo, or we create a logo for you. Then we use the colors from the logo, and a photo for the header image to design a layout. The most important part of your layout is the GUI buttons, how many buttons is usually based upon how many primary services or products you want the website to sell online. What different pages do you want? Which keywords do YOU want to rank for? Do you have a list of your services, products, amenities, or any price lists?

Finally you need page content: meta tags, page text, price lists, images, animations, videos, multimedia, maps, calendars, and widgets. We can create the content for you for €50/hour - but you will be better off having us coach someone who knows the business and market to write the content. We upgrade logos and enhance all images during the import process, and we also optimize the HTML code and correct grammar and spelling errors.


SEO Website Examples:


eCommerce Website Examples:


WordPress News Blog Examples:


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